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Vinco Apigenin 100mg Supplement

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100mg x 120 Capsules

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Brand: Vinco Supplements


  • OPTIMIZED FORMULA WITH TRANSPARENCY: Discover revitalization with Vinco Supplements' Ultra Pure Apigenin Sleep Capsules. Get 120 capsules for 120 days of transformation. Know what you're taking: Apigenin 100mg in each capsule for your well-being. Ideal as a natural sleep aid and relaxation booster.
  • UNIQUE FORMULA: Choose the Vinco Supplements Apigenin vegan formula. Each capsule contains a potent 100mg of 99% pure Apigenin, from grapefruit. Ideal for enhanced sleep, relaxation, and as a sleep supplement. A special sleep formula ingredient for your health needs.
  • FEEL THE FULL EFFECTS: Notice uplift in mood and less stress with Apigenin supplements for sleep. They promote relaxation, enhancing daily life. Enjoy every moment more with this effective sleep aid supplement. More than a capsule, it's a step to a happier you.
  • NAD+ BOOST: Boost your energy and tap into anti-aging with our high-strength Apigenin NAD supplements. Each capsule enhances NAD+, a key coenzyme. Feel more energy and youthfulness, thanks to our potent NAD+ supplement. Great for daily vitality and wellness.
  • NOTICEABLE IMPROVEMENT FOR LOVED ONES: Show a brighter mood with our UK-based Apigenin deep sleep supplement. They help you relax, unwind, and sleep better. Changes in demeanor will be clear to others. More than a sleep pills supplement, it's a pathway to a happier, more relaxed you.

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