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Magtein® Magnesium L-Threonate

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500mg x 120 Capsules

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Brand: Vinco Supplements


  • VINCO MAGTEIN MAGNESIUM L-THREONATE – Opt for Vinco Supplements for a distinguished form of magnesium to complement your daily regimen. Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate has been developed to enhance magnesium's absorption, focusing on delivering this magnesium theoronate essential mineral effectively. The inclusion of L-Threonate, a mineral chelating agent, aims to improve the Magtein magnesium threonate supplement's overall absorption efficiency.
  • SIZE INFORMATION – Each bottle of our magnesium threonate contains 120 high-strength capsules. For optimal use, it's suggested to consume 4 capsules of l threonate magnesium daily in divided doses. This magnesium l threonate supplements product is designed to fit seamlessly into a gluten-free diet and is non-GMO, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences.
  • SUPERIOR BIOAVAILABILITY – Many forms of magnesium are poorly absorbed by the body. Our Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate is the only high-absorption, clinically studied magnesium of its kind, shown to effectively raise concentrations in the brain. What isn’t used by the brain is distributed to various areas of the body, where it assists in regulating heart and lung function, muscular contractions, hydration, and many other vital processes.
  • HIGH-QUALITY HEALTH SUPPLEMENT – Vinco Supplements’ Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate is formulated to differ from other magnesium types that may lead to gastrointestinal sensitivities. Our capsules are designed for easy consumption and aim to support daily wellness without the common laxative effect associated with some magnesium supplements.
  • GENUINE MAGTEIN MAGNESIUM L-THREONATE – Unlike many products claiming to contain Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate, our supplement contains the genuine patented ingredient. Our Trademark Licence Agreement with Magtein is available upon request.
  • RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS –Leading neuroscientists including Dr. Andrew Huberman recommend consuming this specific form of Magnesium to help with initially falling asleep and for a deeper sleep. Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate is one component of the 'Sleep Cocktail' or the 'Huberman Stack' alongside Apigenin and L-Theanine, three supplements that work synergistically to improve sleep quality.
  • MANUFACTURED IN GREAT BRITAIN – Our Mag L Threonate supplements are produced in Britain, adhering to GMP standards and utilising premium quality ingredients. Each batch undergoes third-party laboratory testing in the UK, ensuring compliance with UK and EU market standards.

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