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Oral Probiotics Chewable Mint Tablets

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100 Mint Flavour Chewable Tablets

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Brand: Vinco Supplements

Color: White


  • ADVANCED ORAL CARE: Discover the power of 12 targeted probiotic strains, including BLIS K12 & M18, in our oral probiotics. These chewable mint tablets fight invasive oral bacteria, tackling tooth decay and gum disease. Ideal for anyone needing dental probiotics or oral hygiene products, they also address ear, nose, and throat issues, ensuring your mouth stays healthy.
  • UNIVERSAL FORMULA: Our Oral Health Probiotics are perfect for the whole family, offering benefits from kids probiotic to supplements probiotic for adults. This all-in-one solution promotes healthier teeth and gums, combats bad breath, and boosts the body’s natural defences. Whether you're looking for dental care, gum care, or just general tooth care, this product has you covered.
  • BREATH FRESHENING BENEFITS: Boost your confidence with Vinco Supplements Oral Health Probiotics. Targeting the root cause of bad breath, these fresh breath tablets not only freshen your breath but also maintain a balanced oral microbiome. They're the breath freshener you need for lasting freshness and confidence.
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: Strengthen your immune system with our scientifically-backed oral probiotics for mouth. These tablets are adept at supporting your natural defences against ear, nose, and throat complaints. Perfect for those seeking adults or kids immune support vitamins, our probiotics for immune support kids and adults ensure you're always protected.
  • MADE IN THE UK - QUALITY ASSURED: Choose a product crafted in the UK with the highest standards. Our Oral Health Probiotics are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, suitable for anyone needing a pure, effective approach to oral and respiratory health. They're the ideal choice for anyone looking for quality dental hygiene products.

PartNumber: VOHP-100

EAN: 5065011598224

Model: VOHP-100

Item Condition: New

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